Homework is due on Friday  Pls chase prompts and acknowledgment questions accordingly Pls, accompaniment the account for your claims for every question.    Purpose:  Summarize and adjudge an commodity (Diet for hypertension) for bent and authority in a collaborative environment. All answers should be done beneath anniversary catechism segment. Instructions: Carefully read, summarize, and adjudge your group's assigned commodity (DIET FOR HYPERTENSION). Be abiding to accompaniment a account for your claims.  1. Identify and altercate the broader accent of the affair of the abstraction as it applies to patients and organizations. (Importance of the topic:  An alfresco antecedent that explains why we affliction about these accurate outcomes.  INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR SOURCE!!!) 2. Altercate the nursing implications of the allegation of the research.  Consider the afterward questions: · Were the after-effects statistically significant, if reported? (Statistical significance:  Are the after-effects appear w/ p-values?  Can we be abiding that statistical signficance (therefore, generalization to the population) can be accomplished? · What is the analytic acceptation of the findings? (Clinical significance:  the appulse on accommodating outcomes.  Was the beggarly aberration pre-post or amid beginning and ascendancy groups ample abundant for us to say this action absolutely fabricated a difference? · What are the risks vs. allowances to convenance of the findings?  (Risk vs. benefits:  What are the allowances to patients of the intervention?  Think about abeyant risks...this is absolutely a analytical cerebration exercise here, as best nursing interventions do not accept a lot of accident associated with them).  · Are the allegation achievable to implement? (Feasibility:  Ease of implementation, costs of implementation, etc).    All abstracts bare accept been absorbed and do not balloon to attach the PDF of the alfresco antecedent you used. 

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