Module 6

Deliverable 6 - Analysis with Alternation and Regression Assignment Content Competency Determine the beeline alternation and corruption blueprint amid two variables to accomplish predictions for the abased variable. Student Success Criteria View the allocation account for this deliverable by selecting the “This account is graded with a rubric” link, which is amid in the Details & Advice pane. Scenario According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the anticipation of a consequence 6.7 or greater convulsion in the Greater Bay Area is 63%, about 2 out of 3, in the abutting 30 years. In April 2008, scientists and engineers appear a new convulsion anticipation for the State of California alleged the Uniform California Convulsion Rupture Anticipation (UCERF). As a inferior analyst at the USGS, you are tasked to actuate whether there is acceptable affirmation to abutment the affirmation of a beeline alternation amid the magnitudes and base from the earthquakes. Your deliverables will be a PowerPoint presentation you will actualize summarizing your allegation and an excel certificate to appearance your work. Concepts Being Studied Alternation and regression Creating scatterplots Constructing and interpreting a Hypothesis Analysis for Alternation using r as the analysis statistic You are accustomed a spreadsheet that contains the afterward information: Consequence abstinent on the Richter scale Abyss in km Deliverable 6 - Analysis with Alternation and Regression.xlsx Using the spreadsheet, you will acknowledgment the problems beneath in a PowerPoint presentation. What to Submit The PowerPoint presentation should acknowledgment and explain the afterward questions based on the spreadsheet provided above. Slide 1: Title slide Slide 2: Introduce your book and abstracts set including the variables provided. Slide 3: Construct a scatterplot of the two variables provided in the spreadsheet. Accommodate a description of what you see in the scatterplot. Slide 4: Find the amount of the beeline alternation coefficient r and the analytical amount of r using α = 0.05. Accommodate an account on how you begin those values. Slide 5: Actuate whether there is acceptable affirmation to abutment the affirmation of a beeline alternation amid the magnitudes and the base from the earthquakes. Explain. Slide 6: Find the corruption equation. Let the augur (x) capricious be the magnitude. Identify the abruptness and the y-intercept aural your corruption equation. Slide 7: Is the blueprint a acceptable model? Explain. What would be the best predicted abyss of an convulsion with a consequence of 2.0? Accommodate the actual units. Slide 8: Conclude by recapping your account by summarizing the advice presented in ambience of the scenario. Along with your PowerPoint presentation, you should accommodate your Excel certificate which shows all calculations.

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