Module 01 Course Project – Provision in the Affordable Care Act

Instructions This assignment/project will awning the breadth of the absolute advance with a allocation of the activity due anniversary module. You will baddest a role and abode the appointment anniversary anniversary from that perspective.  The activity will crave you to appraise the appulse of a specific accouterment included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on your specific role and conduct in the healthcare arena. Examine how this accouterment will change processes or specific duties associated with your role. Think about your alignment and the casework it provides and the citizenry it serves, back cerebration through the called ACA provision.  Select from the positions and organizations listed below:  Public Health Manager for Hillsborough County, FL North General Hospital’s Medicaid Liaison for the State of New York Patient Advocate for the City of Los Angeles, CA Marketing Supervisor for the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ Healthcare Administrator for Sunnyside Assisted Living Facility in Dallas, TX Director of the Business Office for Kansas City HealthNetwork in Kansas City, MI Assessment Requirements/Submission Requirement: Select a accouterment from the articulation upload beneath to complete the assignment Write a 2-3 folio cardboard that provides key capacity of the specific accouterment in the ACA. Be abiding to accommodate the following:  Share the name/title of the provision. Explain the purpose of the provision. Describe the affair or affair that the accouterment is acquisitive to address. Explain whether there were altered credibility of appearance for or adjoin the admittance of the accouterment and why. Discuss how the specific ACA accouterment impacts you or your organization, based on the role you accept selected. Share your thoughts on whether the accomplishing of the accouterment absolutely or abnormally affects you or your alignment and its values. Explain how. Use at atomic 3 aboveboard sources from the Rasmussen library Accommodate in-text citations throughout your paper. Format paper, citations and advertence folio afterward APA guidelines.

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