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Developing in the adaptable amplitude can be a alarming assignment for developers.  Developers charge amount out which platforms they should abutment for their apps, acquirement the hardware, and accompany the developer programs for anniversary platform.   PhoneGap is an open-source set of accoutrement that enables developers to actualize adaptable applications for assorted accessories by utilizing the aforementioned code. It is a amalgam adaptable appliance framework that allows the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to address applications that are based on the accessible standards of the web.  MonoTouch and Mono for Android await on the Mono Framework to function. Mono is a cross-platform open-source accomplishing of the .NET Framework. Answer Below. 1. How is sharing cipher is one of the best ambrosial affidavit to use MonoTouch and Mono for Android?  Explain 2. How is the use of debugging accoutrement accessible in absolute adaptable appliance issues quickly? Requesting answers in APA, plagiarism-free, in-text citations, 2 pages.

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