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 Appcelerator Titanium was appear in December 2008, and has been steadily growing in functionality back its release.  Starting with its Titanium Developer product, Appcelerator provides a single-point interface to run applications.  Titanium Studio is a full-featured IDE which provides a distinct abode to handle all accomplish of the development ambiance including a debugging solution.   Titanium is not a abracadabra bullet; however, it does accommodate a solid framework for developing a distinct codebase to arrange to assorted platforms.   In addition, it allows developers to use a accent they are added accustomed with to actualize apps in a area alfresco of their knowledge. 1. What are some advantages to appliance Appcelerator Titanium? 2. Though Appcelerator is analytic priced, why do some adaptable app developers feel that the bugs don’t accomplish it account the effort?. 3. How is Appcelerator altered from alternative adaptable appliance developers? APA, Plagiarism free, 600+ words, 5 contempo references

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