1.  What are some of the primary affidavit bodies abide change? What are some of the means a aggregation baton can ensure that change is accustomed or at atomic not resisted?  Read affiliate 10. Based on case 10-1 on folio 343 as reproduced below, acknowledgment the afterward question. THE QUIET MEETING:Debbie Ronson, sales supervisor, was aloof aperture a affair she had alleged for associates of her department. Debbie did best of the talking for the aboriginal bristles minutes, account her group’s achievement over the accomplished week. Again she asked, “Are there any questions?” No one responded. Debbie again afflicted subjects. “As you know, in two weeks we’ll be activity to a new architecture for scheduling our calls. This was categorical in the announcement from the carnality president, copies of which I beatific to anniversary of you. This is activity to adapt your calling schedules and decidedly change the way we’ve been accomplishing things. I accept some account on how we can best assignment into this new system. But afore accepting into that, I’d like to see if anyone actuality has any account ... [pause]. Anyone affliction to accord anything?” No one in the accumulation responded. Debbie continued, “Well, here’s what I anticipate we should do. ...” She again spent eight account analogue her plan. After the affair was over, Debbie discussed it with one of her adolescent supervisors. “I don’t apperceive what it is,” she said, “but I can never get my bodies to say abundant at meetings. I try to accord them a chance, but I consistently end up accomplishing best of the talking. It seems they’re either shy or disinterested, but I absolutely don’t apperceive if that’s the acumen or not. I aloof ambition they’d accord their ideas.”2. What ability be some affidavit for participants not adage abundant at Debbie’s meetings? 

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