MKT 571 Week 5 DQs + Weekly Summary

DQ 1


Let’s assume our objective for ReCharge is to deliver $300 million in first year sales and to capture the #1 market share position in the category by the end of our first full year of operation.


(BTW. Setting marketing objectives prior to developing strategy is real important)


What should our promotional budget be? Why? What methodology did you use to come up with your budget?


DQ 2


Instead you’re going to get a chance to get your creative juices going and to hopefully have some fun doing it.

Each of you will demonstrate your creative approach to the ReCharge Bar by developing a TV commercial, radio spot or magazine ad. You don’t need to get fancy with the graphics. You can verbally describe what is going on. But write the actual copy for your ad.

 You will need to restate your target audience and positioning. You won’t be able to max out your points if you forget.

(Please, no attachments in the main folder or mega files. If you want to share graphics drop it in the Chatroom.)


Step out of the box, (And your comfort zone) and have some fun with it. I think we will have our own award ceremony. We will vote on the best ad.

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