MKT 200 assignment on dominos vide

You will have to log into and watch a video on dominos turnaround 

A. answer 3 questions on the case study


1.  What role did marketing play in the creation and launch of Dominos new pizza?


2. Coul Dominos have gone about its research process in a more effective way? Explain


3. Why did it take so long for Dominos to realize that customers didnt like its pizza? Did the company come to this realization accidentally?


B. Define the problem that needs to be adressed. 


please number each answer as done above.  and length in total should be at least 2 pages. 


once logged in you will click marketing book.

then on left side go to chapter 4 and click down arrow

then click the dominos video assigment which i completed and got 4/5 on

look at bottum where it shows the questions i answered and click the arrow under the word main

click dominos pizza: Managing marketing information …. it is a 6 minute video


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