Ministry of Health of a lower-income country

 The Admiral of Bloom of a lower-income country has absitively to convention a civic diet surveillance arrangement to adviser the country's best acute adolescent and affectionate diet problems. The surveillance arrangement should absorb the micronutrient deficiencies that affect the population, and annual for bodies at altered activity stages, socioeconomic, and geographic groups' vulnerabilities to alone comestible deficiencies. As a bloom able alive for the ministry, accommodate your able arbitrary for a called lower average assets country, of the comestible problems, ambition groups, approaches to assessment, options for accepted acquaintance in the community, and types of agencies to adapt into a surveillance arrangement to adviser the ministry. Discuss means in which single-micronutrient absence blockage strategies ability be combined, integrated, or accommodating to accomplish cost-effective control. Describe the roles of accepted rations, added agriculture programs, and ameliorative agriculture programs in advancement citizenry nutrition.  Please accommodate 2 reference, at atomic 250 word

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