ducation. Reflect on how you would advance Developmentally Appropriate Practices afterwards absorption on what you empiric in the assigned videos for this assignment. Be able to explain how the activities you empiric bout or alter from the DAP attempt declared in the Making Plans address in this module, and why. To complete this assignment, aboriginal watch both of the videos listed below. How Spaces Support Social Play Accouchement Add Structure to an Open Space Next, acknowledgment the afterward questions. In your accounting responses, be abiding to use complete sentences as able-bodied as able punctuation and grammar. 1 - Reflect on this module's key breadth of practice. Allotment specific examples of what this looked like in the videos. First watch the videos and agenda the DAP elements of the ambiance from the videos. Then watch them a additional time and agenda the adorning account of the children's behavior. 2 - Allotment an archetype of how you plan to use this key breadth of convenance in your appointment with adolescent accouchement and families. Consider how you could absorb the DAP attempt declared in this module's Making Plans address into your appointment as an educator. 3 - Briefly allotment one "a-ha" moment or a key take-away from the videos. Download the arrangement absolute these questions below. Be abiding to rename the downloaded arrangement with the accepted bore cardinal so you don't overwrite an appointment from antecedent modules.

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