Directions: You accept abstruse throughout your analysis that planning is a action that includes ascertainment and advised planning for children's connected advance and development in all areas. Now you accept your observations and are starting to plan activities and acquaint for the accouchement you assignment with. You apprehend about specific premade curricula as able-bodied as assignment affairs from blemish that can be good, but the key is adapting things for the accouchement you teach. For your antecedent post, consider the following: area do you acquisition account to abutment the observations you have? Area are you accepting account from? Please allotment assets that you accept acclimated or apparent others use. It could be books, magazines, websites, or alternative teachers. Identify the book, site, or account actuality so others can account as well. Finally, we apperceive not aggregate out there is adapted best practice. How do you adjudge what is developmentally adapted to use?

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