Memo Stage 4

11/10/22, 5:44 PMMemo: Stage 4
Memo: Stage 4
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Due Tuesday by 11:59pm
Points 25
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Allowed Attempts 1
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Week 11: Tuesday at 11:59 p.m.
This stage of the memo is worth 25 out of 200 points.
Continue your critical examination of the one or more moral problems in your organization. Incorporate
feedback from your instructor while also writing a new section. Use not an academic but a business
Below is detail about this stage.
1. Revise the date of your memo and expand its body and references.
2. Limit this stage of your memo to a maximum of 2 pages with 1-inch margins, 12-point serif font, and
3. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback on the previous stages of your memo.
4. Continue to write the body of your memo by inserting the section title “The Solutions.”
5. Use the present tense for this section.
6. Then use prose to answer the questions below. Do not merely restate the questions and provide
their answers. Instead, ensure that the body has a narrative flow.
a. What are the one or more recommended solutions? You must identify at least 2 solutions. If you
identify more than 3 solutions, discuss the most important 3 solutions only.
11/10/22, 5:44 PM
Memo: Stage 4
b. For each solution, what are the potential positive consequences? For each solution, if you
identify more than 3 consequences, discuss the 3 most important consequences only.
c. For each solution, what are the potential negative consequences? For each solution, if you
identify more than 3 consequences, discuss the 3 most important consequences only.
7. End the memo by stating what the reader needs to decide and providing your contact information in
case the reader has questions.
8. Throughout this section, provide sufficient support for your statements with (a) facts and (b) values
from organizational overviews (e.g., an “About Us” page on a website) or codes of conduct (e.g.,
“Code of Ethics,” “Principles of Professional Practice,” or “Responsible Code of Conduct”) and
professional codes of conduct.
9. When drawing from sources, provide citations in the body and a “References” appendix in
accordance with APA.
10. Upload your assignment here by the deadline.
Following is the grading rubric:
Potential Actual
Feedback: Incorporate instructor’s feedback from previous drafts of
the memo
Analysis: Focus on the questions, provide sufficient answers
Specificity: Avoid vague statements, be concise
Clarity: Define terms, use transitions to connect ideas
Justification: Use credible sources, present sufficient facts, ensure a
greater balance of facts over speculation
Values: Sufficiently identify the organizational and professional
values; connect the values to the issues
Editing: Follow APA style related to mechanics, citation, and
11/10/22, 5:44 PM
Memo: Stage 4

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