Memo Assignment

MEMO ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES FALL 2017 INITIAL STEP: Acceptance may accept any affair from the account beneath or covered in class. NO TOPIC CAN BE CHOSEN BY MORE THAN ONE STUDENT. If there is a affair that is affectionate and adolescent health-related, but not covered in this advance or on the list, acquaintance your adviser for permission to use the affair for your paper. Some of these recommended capacity are actual general. Acceptance should attenuated bottomward their affair as abundant as possible. Focusing on a narrower affair will accredit you to abode a bigger paper, and, therefore, get a bigger grade. For example, if you are absorbed in postpartum depression, you can focus on the causes or accident factors of postpartum depression, the furnishings of postpartum abasement on breed and children, postpartum abasement amid boyhood groups, or the analysis of postpartum depression. My Affair is.....School abandon (non-bullying) In this final assignment, acceptance will abode a 3-4 folio announcement to an alone who has a controlling role in the acreage of Affectionate and Adolescent Health. Acceptance will analyze the adapted being as the admirers for the memo, depending on the attributes of the affair selected. Acceptance do not charge to abode the absolute affair selected, but analyze a specific activity that is beneath the ascendancy of the almsman of your memo. The apprentice charge acknowledgment the afterward questions in his/her memo: 1) What is the problem? Define and explain its acceptation as a accessible bloom problem. 2) How big is the botheration (e.g., magnitude, all-embracing trends, statistics)? 3) Who does it affect the most, and why? 4) Why is this botheration important to MCH? 5) What activity change and/or affairs activity do you adduce to abode this problem, and why? 6) What accurately do you appetite the being account the announcement to do? Why should this person/group affliction and why is this affair important to this alone or accumulation of people? Accomplish your objectives and advised outcomes clear. The abridged answers to these questions will advice the apprentice accomplish a actuating altercation aural the memo, to move his/her defined accommodation maker to action. This altercation charge be research-based; acceptance should analysis the analysis abstract (using at atomic 3 bookish account accessories and his/her best of alternative sources, such as the CDC website). The advice abstruse from those analysis studies and publications should be acclimated to acquaint and abutment the student’s altercation and thoughts. You charge use at atomic 3 accessories that are from peer-reviewed bookish journals (articles charge be appear in 2001 or later). Use databases such as PUBMED, OVID, CINAHL, Google Scholar, or alternative databases in the amusing sciences to acquisition adapted articles. It is acerb recommended that acceptance booty the afterward abbreviate tutorial from the HSC Library, for capacity on how to conduct a abstract analysis and seek peer-reviewed bookish publications application these databases:

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