medic 2

 Course: basal radiology Research title: geometric angel characteristics and radiation physics Objective: Type of radiation,physics of atom, analysis of Xrays,properties of Xrays, Production of Xrays,factor affecting angel characteristics Course: accepted anatomy 2 Research title: osteosarcoma and acknowledgment to radiation Objective Study the aftereffect of radiation acknowledgment as a accident agency on osteosarcoma and its mechanism Course: articulate anaplasty 1 Research title: should an impacted tooth be removed or not? Objective : -Definition -indications/contraindications for removal -diagnosis -complications Course: preclinical anchored 3 Research title: how to affected backbone defects while planning for pontic design Objective: - ideal appearance of balance ridge - Classification of balance backbone deformities and problems associated - Altered analysis options Course: preclinical pedodontics Research title: balance in pediatric dentistry Objective: -identify the goals of balance and altered routes of administration - analyze the advantages and disadvantages of anniversary route Course: cocky management Research title: announcement accommodating cocky management Objective: Partnership,motivational interviewing ,usful information, accomplish it easy, abode barriers,promote accommodating independense Course: articulate anesthetic 1 Research title: administration of articulate candidiasis Objective: Search the abstract for the modalities of administration of candidiasis 

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