Math algebra discussion, please help me with my discussion

Complete your Week 4 discussion prompt:

x3 times x2 is not equal to x6. Why not? What is it? Please write a new exponent rule problem for others to solve – try to make a problem that requires different exponent rules to solve.

You can type exponential expressions and fractions using Equation tool under Insert in the menu bar.

For peer review, please do the followings.

  1. Choose one of the problems that other students have posted and solve. (Please do not solve a problem that someone else has already solved.)
  2. After one of the students solves your problem, please post your feedback. If no one solves your math problem by Saturday, please post the solution for your math problem.

You are required to submit your initial post within three days and at least two (2) peer responses within seven days. You need to spread your posts on different days of week.

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