Math 107 College Algebra University of Maryland Equations Quiz

20 questions, please show work done to get the answer you got.

The following video should be helpful for problem #10

Quiz 2. Please submit the answers in the assignment folder.
1. Write the equation of the line that contains the
(2,3) in the slope intercept form.
2. Find the coordinates of the x-intercept and the y-intercept of the
line with equation
3 x − 2 y = 12
3.Find the slopes of the two lines shown below
Atul N Roy
Page 1
Given that the lines shown below are perpendicular lines, find the
slopes of the lines
5.Find an equation of the line that contains the point (3,−2) and is
parallel to the line 3 x + 2 y = 2
6. Find an equation of the line that contains the point (− 5,2) and is
perpendicular to the line 5 x + 10 y = 7
7. Find an equation of the line passing through (2,5) and
perpendicular to x=1
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Page 2
8. Write the domain and the range of the function whose graph is
shown below.
9. The following graph shows a relationship between the square
footage in a house and the selling price in 100s of dollars. Use the line
to predict the selling price of a house with 2500 sqft of area.
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Page 3
The table shows the tips left by 5-guests at a restaurant and the price
of the food (check) that was served. The amounts are in UD dollars.
Use you calculator or a computer program to find an equation of the
regression line.
11. Find f (− 1) if f ( x ) =
x +1
x +1
Write the value of f(3) to the nearest whole number.
Atul N Roy
Page 4
13. The coordinates of the end points of a diameter of a circle are
(− 2,1) and (4,13) .
a) Write the coordinates of the center of this circle.
b) Write the length of a radius.
c) Write an equation of this circle.
14. For an income over $10000, a state charges a fixed tax of $300
plus 6.5% of the income in excess of $10000.
a) Calculate the income tax for a person with an income of $80000.
b) If Mike paid $7508.50. What was Mike’s income?
15. The percentage score in a face to face class varies directly
according to the number of classes attended. Rima receives 80% for
attending 56 classes.
a) How many classes should Rima have attended to receive 90%?
b) Jim had attended 42 classes, what should be the percentage score
of Jim?
16. Write the solution of the inequality
interval notation.
17. Find the zero of the function
18. Solve the equation
Atul N Roy
− 3  2x − 5  13 in the
f (x) = 3x − 12
−1 =
Page 5
19. Which of the following is a graph of
Atul N Roy
3 x − 7 y = 14 ?
Page 6
20. Which of the following graphs represent a function?
Atul N Roy
Page 7
Atul N Roy
Page 8

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