MAT1222 Section 1 Algebra Rasmussen College Circus Tickets Homework

1. The circus is coming to town! Cindy is selling tickets.

2. The first day she sold 8 adults tickets and 5 child tickets for a total of $180.50 in sales.

3. The second day she received $261.00 for 12 adults and 6 child tickets.

4. What is the price of child’s ticket? What is the price of an adults ticket?

5.To receive full credit for your solution you need to :

1. Write two algebraic equations that model the circus ticket scenario.

2. Show how you solved the problem by using elimination method, the substitution method, or the graphical method. (other methods such as “guess and check” are not sufficient.)

3. Remember to type and save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

4. Show all your steps and use Microsoft Equation Editor to render all of your algebraic expressions.

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