MAT 180 Bergen Logarithmic Expressions & Rational Inequalities Questions

Topics will include but not limited to ,

Identifying the domain of a given function

Simplifying algebraic expressions which involve factoring common factors

polynomial and rational inequalities

quotient for polynomial,rational, and square root functions.graph of a function by shifting,reflecting, and/or stretching the known graph of a related function.

6. Graphing a piece-wise defined function.

Expanding or condensing logarithmic expressions

Solving exponential or logarithmic equations, especially base e. Checking for extraneous roots.

Given stated conditions, finding the constants in a general exponential function . This may involve a word problem.

Given the value of a trigonometric function, find the exact value of another trigonometric function.

A word problem involving solving a right triangle.

Graphing a sine or cosine function by finding the period, amplitude and shift. Graphing a tangent function by finding the period and shift.

Verify a trigonometric identity.

Simplify a trigonometric expression.

Solve a trigonometric equation.

Use the trigonometric addition formulas for sine and cosine.

Use the trigonometric double angle formulas for sine and cosine.

Find the exact value of an expression involving inverse trigonometric functions and trigonometric functions.

Use the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines

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