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  After reviewing this week’s assets and your research, in your own words how would you explain abstraction bearing and the role it plays in the new artefact development process? Share one adjustment of abstraction bearing and administer it to a artefact you alone use. (Do not reclaim the examples provided in the video.) Remember that all new articles are not absolutely new, but can be adapted based on customer acknowledgment and/or affective appear a new bazaar segment. References: Peter, J. P., & Donnelly, Jr., J. H. (2019). A beginning to business administration (15th ed.). Columbus, OH: Irwin/McGraw-Hill. W. Chan Kim, & Renee Mauborgne (2015).  Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Bazaar Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant.  Harvard Business Review Press       Read:  Peter & Donnelly,  Chapter 6 “Product and Brand Strategy” Chapter 7 “New Artefact Planning and   Development”   Blog:  What is Abstraction   Generation? Definition, Techniques and Success Factors Week 8 Video:  SCAMPER   Technique: Best Abstraction Bearing Methods

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