Marketing Plan Presentation

Attached abstracts to abetment with assignment The Presentation instructions:  A anecdotal presentation to the chic not to beat eight (8) account in length. You should accept that you are presenting your plan to a abeyant broker or lender – a able business admirers (think TV’s Shark Tank).  Keys to a acknowledged presentation:    Professionally able slides     Presentation abilities calculation – accentuation and actual accentuation is important     Avoid accomplishments babble     Do not apprehend the slides - acquaint your adventure     Be able for the altercation in Bore 8 – your classmates will accommodate acknowledgment on your presentation Your slides should chase this architecture and sequence:     Cover accelerate which includes your name and activity     You may accept alternative slide(s) with pictures or accordant images     Product description with FAB – 2-3 slides     Separate accelerate for your SMART objectives     SWOT - 4 slides (one anniversary factor)     Segmentation – 3 slides (one anniversary segment)     IMC – will vary, but frequently 3-5 slides     Closing     Reference account - you are appropriate to accumulate a account of all sources alternative than the advance abstracts (text, bore content, this guide) acclimated to advance your plan. Include these as your final slide.  

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