Marketing Management Act 4

1. Should the government footfall in and set minimum amount levels? Discuss the after-effects of your answer. 2. You've heard of a monopoly, but accept you anytime heard of a monopsony? A monopsony involves one able client and abounding sellers. The client is so able that it can drive prices down. An archetype is Wal-Mart, the world's better retailer. Wal-Mart's ability allows it to get the everyman accessible prices from its suppliers. Similarly, wine-making behemothic E. & J. Gallo has so abundant ability affairs grapes that growers accept to accept to the wine maker's demands for lower prices. a. Is it fair that a client can apply so abundant ability over a supplier? Are there any allowances to consumers? Why or Why not? b. Explain the differences amid styles, fashions, and fads and accord an archetype of each. 3. Name and call the bristles stages of the artefact activity cycle. Identify a artefact class, artefact form, or cast that is in anniversary stage.

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