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   For this acquiescence assignment, you will appointment with Dovetail a Michelin Star Restaurant in New York City. You will charge to appointment the restaurant’s Web armpit to get a feel for what its business is like. Scenario Now, brainstorm that you accept aloof landed your dream job as a Business Analyst for the restaurant you chose. Your job is to accommodate high administration with aboveboard statistical advice to advice them accomplish complete business decisions. As the Business Analyst, your appointment needs to be based aloft accession abstracts and interpreting them through adapted formulas. You are not the aggregation statistician, so your job is not to crisis a lot of numbers. It is abundant added about allegory abstracts and giving your recommendations to the company; however, forth the way, you will crisis a few numbers as well. Your aboriginal appointment is to attending at altered types of abstracts for a specific book that the aggregation is facing. To Do The restaurant you chose (hereinafter referred to as “X” in this assignment) is accepted for ultra-fine dining in New York City but wants to attending at accretion into the accidental restaurant alcove to attempt with ancestors restaurants. Before it does that, administration needs to do some all-embracing analysis to adjudge if amplification into this bazaar articulation is a acceptable idea, and if so, what the card for their new restaurant may attending like. Of course, the aggregation wants to accomplish money, so they appetite to ensure that any restaurant they accessible will accord the accessible an atmosphere and card choices that are in band with today’s active lifestyles. However, they accept an categorical acceptability to advocate and they appetite to accomplish abiding that any new restaurant will accompaniment and enhance their reputation, not backbite from it. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of at atomic 6–8 absolute slides that addresses the following: List and altercate 2 qualitative attributes of the atmosphere of the new accidental dining restaurant that X’s high administration ability appetite to ask abeyant customers. (Think of items that the barter would appetite to see in the atmosphere). List and altercate 2 qualitative attributes of the card choices of the restaurant that X may appetite to analyze with abeyant customers. List and altercate 2 quantitative attributes of the card items that administration ability appetite to admeasurement to accomplish abiding they are accouterment card items that barter want. List and altercate 2 quantitative attributes that the new restaurant’s chefs may be absorbed in back creating the menu. Explain the aberration amid a citizenry and a sample in research. Discuss at atomic 2 populations and 2 samples that X may be absorbed in application for their research. Discuss the ambition bazaar for this new restaurant venture. Explain how the attributes you discussed aloft will advice ensure that this new restaurant will acclaim what you see to be X’s best attributes at their accomplished dining area (from what you apprentice by researching X’s Web armpit and alternative Internet sources you find).

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