1- Business Analysis Project Part 2: Executing Business Research  You as a Business Analysis Manager accept been assigned to conduct a baby business analysis study. You accept articular the problems that you appetite to solve, came up with the analysis questions, and planned analysis architecture in your analysis angle in anniversary 3. (I UPLOADED THE WEEK 3 PROPOSAL) Please altercate and adapt the afterward items:  Abstracts accumulating methods (Chapter 8 -10) -- How would you aggregate your data, quantitative (i.e., survey) or qualitative (i.e., interview, observation) or alloyed (i.e., analysis and interview)? What are the altered agency and techniques you will use to aggregate data, online survey, in-person interview, or observation, etc.? Sampling architecture (Chapter 14) – Who will be your sample? What would be your sample admeasurement and how would you actuate the sample size? Questionnaire architecture (Chapter 11 & 13 & 15) -- You accept to advance questionnaires and aggregate abstracts (i.e., through the analysis or interview, etc.) Instructions for Assignment: 2-3 Pages in APA 7th architecture excluding awning and advertence pages  Use a minimum of  3 references: Don't balloon to adduce them.  Submit in a Word format, not the PDF file. 

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