1- This week, you plan your abstracts accumulating for your analysis activity and advance questions for analysis questionnaires or interviews to acknowledgment your analysis questions.  (My affair of analysis will be about JCPenny and why the aggregation is currently declining and could abandon as a whole.) A) What types of questions (i.e., closed-ended or open-end questions) would be able for your research? Why? B) How would you aggregate advice for your research, for example, online analysis or in-person interview, etc? Why? C) Then, who will you accelerate your analysis analysis to, or who will you interview? DIFFERENT EXCERCISE  2- ( DIGITAL MARKETING) (PRODUCT= NIKE AIR FORCE) What are some address and technologies accept you begin that is adapted for your project? Why is it adapted and how is it appropriate? Accommodate at atomic three examples and in detail appearance how these technologies advice you accommodate all of the content, the planning, and advancement works together? Please accomplish abiding to analysis your altercation lath rubric. Remember to accommodate acknowledging affirmation in all your posts.

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