at atomic 200 words , advertence and adduce per question 1- Assume you are a architect of baby kitchen electrics, like Hamilton Beach or Proctor Silex. You appetite to actuate if some avant-garde designs with abnormal shapes and colors developed for the European bazaar could be auspiciously marketed in the U.S. market.  Think about accepting the primary abstracts for this analysis through quantitative (i.e., online or mail survey) or qualitative abstracts accumulating methods (i.e., interview, focus group, observation, etc.) or alloyed methods of both (i.e., online analysis with blast interview). Which adjustment would you recommend, and why? 2-  (PRODUCT= NIKE Air Force)From your account in Chapters 9 and 10, forth with your alien resources, what are some of the business strategies accept you begin that are specific to your artefact for advance bearing and advance nurturing? Can you accommodate at atomic 3 strategies and accommodate an archetype accompanying to your specific project.  (ex from the book: The action of advance generation, articulation amusing media channels, Content marketing, SNS, Advance nurturing)

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