Management Philosophy essay

Philosophy is based on the principals that I accept amount and accept is what embodies a acceptable leader. Following these principals will appearance you what to apprehend from me, what I apprehend of you, and so you can advice me become a bigger leader. I advance by: Setting the appropriate archetype by adjustment accomplishments and words with values. Making and befitting commitments. Earning believability through the adamantine assignment efforts. Setting goals which are assessable and achievable. Encouraging others to ability their potential. Demonstrating candor and appearance to others. Recognizing the success of others is ascendant to the success of the company. I accurate acknowledgment and acknowledgment for the addition of others. I abode abundant amount In: Knowledge. Sharing ability builds trust, assets believability and Increases productively In our aggregation and with our customers. Quality. Exceed the customer's affection expectations to accomplish chump satisfaction, trust, amicableness and echo business. Honesty. Honesty is best essential. Trust. Assurance is becoming by activity and additionally taken by action. Credibility. People who bear what they affiance body believability and assurance with those about them. Communication. Clear advice avoids error, mistakes and countermanding. Talk to others the way you appetite to be talked to. Accuracy. Elimination of errors and blunder builds aplomb in our process. What I expect: Assignment appear your objectives daily. Keep them In focus and plan for success. Take pride In your work. Protect the aggregation and Its Interest at all times. Give the aggregation a abounding day's assignment for a abounding day's pay. Focus on accepting results, affair goals and advice others do the same. Appearance account for individuals. Learn from those you advance and amount their contribution. Invest in their success. Be a aggregation amateur and a aggregation leader.

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