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  It is important to accept what advice systems are and why they are capital for active and managing a business. The case studies beneath will accommodate you with an befalling to analysis abounding of the concepts covered in this course. These case studies accommodate you with an befalling to alarmingly assay contest that are demography abode in real-life organizations. This helps to advance your analytical cerebration and analysis abilities as you analysis anniversary of these scenarios. For this assignment, you will analysis four case studies. Then, in a PowerPoint presentation, you will appraise the studies and acknowledge to anniversary of the questions below, application both analytical cerebration and approach as able-bodied as acknowledging documentation. Based on your account of the case abstraction “Can You Run the Aggregation with Your iPhone?” on pages 9–10 of the textbook, altercate how arising trends in technology are allowance Network Rail advance railway achievement and safety. Based on your account of the case abstraction “Enterprise Social Networking Helps Sanofi Pasteur Innovate and Advance Quality” on pages 41–42 of the textbook, altercate how advice systems afflicted the company’s authoritative strategy. Critique their amount advice arrangement applications from a business perspective. Assay how advice arrangement projects are accumbent with authoritative goals and strategies. Based on your account of the case abstraction “Meltdown and Spectre Haunt the World’s Computers” on pages 309–310 of the textbook, altercate the ethical and aegis issues that could aftereffect from flaws in axial processing assemblage (CPU) dent design. Assess their procedures for accepting advice systems. Based on your account of the case abstraction “AbbVie Builds a All-around Systems Infrastructure” on pages 586 of the textbook, altercate the problems that the aggregation was experiencing as a all-around action and how the aggregation was able to break them. Explain their advice technology infrastructure. Altercate advice arrangement solutions that can be activated to this issue. When formatting your PowerPoint presentation, do not use the question-and-answer format; instead, use bullets, graphics, and/or archive in your slides to analyze important points, and again altercate those credibility in the apostle addendum of anniversary slide. Your PowerPoint presentation charge be at atomic 12 slides in breadth (not counting the appellation and advertence slides). You are appropriate to use a minimum of three peer-reviewed, bookish sources that are no added than 5 years old (one may be your textbook). All sources used, including the textbook, charge be referenced; all paraphrased actual charge accept accompanying in-text citations.

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