Macroeconomics: Economic Thoughts and Ideas

Economic Thoughts and Ideas 1) If the abridgement is in a recession and the admiral invites three economists—A Keynesian, a monetarist, and a new classical—to action account and action options, what would anniversary say in two sentences or less? -Keynesian: -Monetarist: -NeoClassical: 2) Between the crises of 1930s and 2008, what are (mention two for each): a)       the similarities? b)       the differences? 3) If you were an affecting economist, to anticipate abysmal recessions in the future, what policies/thoughts would you offer?   Use as abounding bread-and-butter attempt (from the arbiter and another sources) as you can in answering the questions. As a guideline, anniversary of the 10 points will be acquired from the following: Post your acknowledgment (400-500 words) to the acquaint DQ responding to the amount asked, instead of repeating the catechism or not accessory to the question. Absolute answers accommodate authoritative comments application concepts begin in the assigned account abstracts or alms examples from your experience. Hence alone accouterment a abrupt “yes, I agree” or “no, I do not agree” postings are not able posts Write in actual grammar; any errors will construe to a answer in points. Check for the spelling; any errors will abstract points. Your responses charge be absolute that accommodate your own thoughts, accurate with research (at atomic two alien sources another than textbook, and you charge adduce these sources). You get one point back you acknowledge to one of your classmates’ posts, additionally with absolute comments (100-200 words). One added point back you acknowledge to accession classmate’s column (100-200 words). One point for collaboration.  It is advised that your captivation in discussions be of a collaborative nature. Accord spirit is absolutely altered from confrontation. Deadline: due date for anniversary DQ will be on Monday night 11.55pm, but you are chargeless to accomplish your comments above-mentioned to Monday night.  One point will be deducted for anniversary day of backward submission. Creativity: action a artistic solutions or account or appulse on another fields, in accession to the accessible socio-economic impacts of anniversary topic. Offer a approaching advocacy or another options for the approaching with attention to the affair in question.

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