MAC2105 College Algebra Week 4

Needassistanceincompletingweek4. There is multiple classwork that needs to be completed. This includes week 4 weekly summary (10 Question answer with steps on how you found the answer). There is week 4 Summary as well as 3 other exams as well.

All work has is found and completed on my student portal website. Access will be provided to you.

Week 4 Weekly Summary

When posting here in the Weekly Summary section please do not post “answers only” but rather show how you obtained your answers in a step by step manner. If your solution is correct, it is in your best interest for us to see how you obtained the answer. If your solution is incorrect, showing your steps will help us to follow your process and we can then work together to find your mistake.No bonus points will be awarded for answers without explanations.

A maximum of 5 bonus points will be awarded for 5 correct answers with step by step explanations.

The weekly summary answers and explanations will be posted in the Announcement section by Friday of each week. Please try to work each problem without pasting and copying or you will defeat your purpose of learning. Credit will only be given for “original” work. Please feel free to study the explanations, learn the problem, and create your own step-by-step explanation for bonus points . You may post your explanations throughout the term (please remind your instructor in the General Questions thread to grade your problems if you have posted after Sunday).

  1. Solve the following equation for n:n/4 – 5/6 = 5/12
  2. Solve the following equation for x:2x/3 – 4x/5 = 1/15
  3. Solve the following equation for x: 9/(4x) + 1/3 = 5/(2x)
  4. Solve the following equation for x:|5x-7| = 14Hint: This absolute value equation will turn into 2 linear equations, so there will be two solutions!
  5. Solve the following system of linear equations: 2x + 3y = -5

-2x + y = 9

6. Solve for (x, y, z), if there is a solution to the given system of linear equations:

– x + 2y + 3z = 0

3x – 2y – 2z = 5

4x + y – 3z = -9

7 . Solve: x2 – 4x + 5 = 0.

8, Add the complex numbers: (5 – 2i) + (1 + 6i)

9. Subtract the complex numbers: (4+3i) – (6+i).

10. Multiply the complex numbers (4+3i) (6+i).

Week 4 Algebra Talk

Many students have often asked questions such as: Why do I need to learn Mathematics? Where and when am I going to use it in my life?

Now that you are almost done with this College Algebra class, can you now explain why it is important for everyone to learn Mathematics? Can you also give examples on when, where, and how you have used and are using Mathematics in your everyday life?

Please give examples and feel free to include: budgeting, investing, traveling, locating, securing personal informations, spending, saving, investing, measuring, cooking, etc.

EXAMPLE: Hello! Math is an everyday tool that I use in everything I do. Math is important because it helps me take care of everything I need to on a daily basis. I was able to calculate how much money I would save for the year after doing my monthly budgets. I was able to figure out the distance, mileage, time, and how much it would cost to drive from Florida to New York last month. Then I was able point out the exact location of my final destination on a map. “The great book of nature can be read only by those who know the language in which it was written. And that language is mathematics”. Galileo

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