MA105 Grantham University Week 7 Logarithm Problems Paper

I just need help with the answers. I did not have a group for the 2 questions that said it was a group project.

Problem 6
o What are the coordinates of the point (x,y)?
o Give the equation for the path of the ball, showing all work. Explain why you do each step.
o Include a screenshot of the graph of your equation (use, verifying that it goes through
the given points.
Problem 10
o The total time T (in hours) of the trip as a function of the distance x (in miles). Make sure you show
all your work to come up with this equation, and explain each step and what it represents.
o The domain of the function. Explain why this domain makes sense, and show work as needed.
o Graph the function using the graphing utility on Take a screenshot and make sure it is
included in your document. The graph should be focused over the domain of the function.
o Find the value of x that minimizes T. will note this ordered pair for you automatically. If
it does not, then you can click various points of the graph and it will display the ordered pair.
o What does the ordered pair of the minimum for T represent in our situation? I.E. what does the
value of x tell us, and what does the value of T tell us? Write a brief paragraph interpreting these values.
Reflection on the project as a whole
o Process for each problem
§ Did your idea for solving this work?
§ Did you have to get help or try different methods?
§ Was this problem easy? Hard?
§ Share anything else you have to say about the problems
o Working with a partner
§ Were you and your partner able to communicate well?
§ What technology did you use to meet and communicate?
§ How did you split up work? Did that work well?
§ Share anything else you have to say
o Your successes and failures throughout this entire project
Please watch the weekly discussion video
( This week you were
introduced to the Euler’s number e, a mathematical constant. Another well-known constant is pi.
Do some research on other important constants in mathematics. A good constant has a specific name
and is important in mathematical formulas. Do not choose pi or e.
Share with us what you have found out about the number; for example, its history, some trivial facts
about the number, and/or how it is applied. Be sure to include your sources so others can do further
To get you started in your research, below are some sources you can use:

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