M7 A1The Battle Within

Discussion—The Battle WithinIn the acreage of action and exercise psychology, you are acceptable to appointment athletes who go through periods area they agnosticism their abilities.  No amount how acknowledged they may accept been, there will be times back they do not feel assured about their skills. As a consultant, you will charge to apprentice to accumulate advice to appraise the situation, actuate the account for their self-doubts, and assignment with the athletes to advance a plan to advice them affected their obstacles. Using your arbiter and the Argosy University online library resources, analysis about how you can advice audience affected obstacles; thereafter, abode the following:Select one of the afterward scenarios:  A high-school baseball amateur who was the brilliant of his aggregation for his aboriginal two years has been arresting out frequently during a batting slump. He shares with you that as his about-face to bat is approaching, he starts cerebration that he is activity to bang out and that he is aggressive with this advancing thought.A chase agent fell during the aftermost mile of the Boston Chase and adapted knee surgery.  After months of concrete therapy, both the orthopedic surgeon and the concrete therapist accept certified her as medically fit to run again.  She has registered for addition marathon, but she confides in you that she is afraid of falling afresh and reinjuring her knee.  She hopes you will be able to advice her affected this abhorrence as active is a cogent allotment of her life, and she wants to move forward.The ancestor of an 18-year-old aggressive acceleration skater afresh aggregate with his son a video that depicted above acceleration skater Dan Jansen falling during the Olympics. The ancestor acquainted abiding that the video would affect his son and advice ensure that his son never fabricated the aforementioned mistake.  Unfortunately, the son is now afraid back axis corners or casual others because he fears falling. Although the ancestor is assertive his son does not charge your assistance, the drillmaster has allowable that the son appointment you and that you assignment with the son on a plan to advice him adapt for an accessible accompaniment competition.Considering what you accept apprehend about self-efficacy, self-concept, and ability beliefs, how would you explain the bearings to the amateur in the book that you accept selected? What recommendations would you accomplish to the amateur in the book that you accept selected?  Ensure that you use your arbiter readings and bookish assets articular for this bore to abutment your statements and recommendations.Write your antecedent acknowledgment in 100–200 words. By the due date assigned, column your acknowledgment to the adapted Altercation Area. Through the end of the module, analysis and animadversion on at atomic two peers’ responses. Abode the afterward back reviewing your peers’ responses:Comment on whether or not you would assay the bearings the aforementioned way as your peer. What added recommendations ability you add and why?Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum PointsApplied the concepts of self-efficacy, self-concept, and ability behavior to explain the bearings to the amateur in the called scenario. 4Made adapted recommendations—with adapted justifications and substantiating with able research—for the amateur to affected obstacles. 8Actively contributed to the altercation by accouterment credibility of appearance with rationale, arduous credibility of the discussion, or cartoon relationships amid credibility of the discussion. 4Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; approved ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources; displayed authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 4Total:20

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