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Examine the patterns of African American clearing from the South to North and West during the twentieth aeon (CO#1)  Discuss the appulse of the Great Clearing on the Civil Rights movement (CO#1, CO#2, CO#5)  In the years amid 1910 and 1970, about six actor African Americans larboard the US South for the North and West. Many confused from rural areas to achieve in ample cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles gluttonous new opportunities as able-bodied as an escape from the abuse of Jim Crow. Some historians breach this up into two audible migrations, the aboriginal starting in 1910 and catastrophe back the Great Depression slowed migration, and the additional amid 1940 and 1970 as wartime assignment during World War II already afresh provided new opportunities. In accession to account the capacity in Takaki, appearance the afterward map of the clearing patterns in this era from the US Census and Jacob Lawrence’s paintings The Clearing Series. In a column of at atomic 250 words accede the following: How did the clearing of African Americans to the North and West in the twentieth aeon analyze and adverse to the “push” and “pull” patterns of immigrant groups in the aforementioned era?  How did the alteration demographic patterns of African Americans access the advance and advance of the Civil Rights movement afterwards the war? 

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