1. Suppose the appeal for shoelace eyelets is represented by the equation: D=60-p, area p is price, and that accumulation is represented by the blueprint S=10+2p-w, area w is the allowance amount for aperture branch workers. a) Assuming the bazaar allowance amount is $10/hour, what is the calm price? What is the calm quantity? b) What are the calm amount and abundance if the allowance increases to $15/hr? c) Use the changes in amount and abundance accepted aloft to account the amount animation of demand. Interpret your aftereffect (i.e. what does the animation you account mean?). 2) In the aftermost 100 years in the U.S. absolute incomes accept risen while the cardinal of accouchement per ancestors has decreased. Acknowledgment the afterward questions: a) Does this beggarly that accouchement are inferior goods? Explain. b) Does this beggarly that the amount of accepting accouchement is ascent faster in the U.S. than absolute incomes? Explain. c) Offer an another explanation, application bread-and-butter theory. 3) Draw a blueprint that indicates what happens in the bazaar for amalgam cars back the amount of gasoline increases from $2.50 to $5.00 per gallon. Acknowledgment the afterward questions: a) Does calm achievement acceleration or fall? b) Does calm amount acceleration or fall? c) Suppose the accumulation of amalgam cars is altogether inelastic. Draw a new blueprint and explain if and how the animation of accumulation changes your answers to genitalia “a” and “b”. 4) Peggy's appeal for ice chrism sandwiches is as follows: Amount Abundance Accepted (per week) $5.000 $2.50 1 $1.25 3 $.75 4 $.25 7 $0 8 a) Blueprint Peggy's appeal for ice chrism sandwiches. b) Assume the amount is $1.25. Graphically adumbration and characterization Peggy's customer surplus. c) Suppose Peggy's assets increases. What happens to her appeal for ice chrism sandwiches? What does your acknowledgment to this catechism depend on? 5) Blueprint the aftereffect of a minimum allowance of $7.00/hour in a bazaar area the calm allowance is $8.50/hour. Will there be a surplus or curtailment of activity in such a market? Explain. What if the minimum allowance were aloft to $9.00/hour? 6) For you, what is the befalling amount of activity to alum school? Explain in detail, both in agreement of forgone assets and forgone leisure. 7) Use the assembly possibilities beneath to acknowledgment this catechism Alpha assembly possibilities: с Animate (tons) Aureate (tons) 30 B 45 15 60 0 D 15 45 E 0 60 30 Omega Eproduction possibilities: Animate (tons) Aureate (tons) A 20 0 B 15 15 с 10 30 tulo E 0 60 . Draw calm assembly possibilities for Alpha and Omega (hint: these are beeline tradeoffs). b. Suppose anniversary country specializes in its allusive advantage, and the agreement of barter are 1 ton of animate for 2 bags of wheat. Can Alpha and Omega both accomplish a akin of burning alfresco of their assembly possibilities? Use the graphs from Part a to explain your answer. c. Suppose in autarky (i.e. as a arrogant economy) both Alpha and Omega aftermath at point C on their corresponding assembly possibilities functions. Based on your acknowledgment to Part b, how abundant has absolute burning added for both Alpha and Omega? 8) Many supermarkets advertise both branded and private-label merchandise. Suppose the appeal for Publix-brand aliment is beneath adaptable than the appeal for Wonder Bread. Should Publix-brand aliment be priced higher? Why or why not? Purchase acknowledgment to see abounding attachment

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