Review the W1 and W2 Literary Analysis Tools modules. Part of your brand is based on selection, integration, and commendation of quotations. Review the "Critical Account Skills" area of the W1 Literary Analysis Tools module. Read Spenser's Composition 75 (Vol. 1, p. 490) and Shakespeare's Composition 60 (Vol. 1, pp. 559-560). Refer to the allocation explanation for this appointment application the articulation in the Gradebook. Step 2: ReflectBoth of these balladry assume to seek the aforementioned result--immortality through poetry. In alternative words, the commodity of the poet's amore lives on because we are still account the composition hundreds of years later. It is a adulatory way to pay accolade to someone, isn't it? This abstraction of admiration is generally acclimated in alternative places, such as art and song lyrics. See this music video of Elton John assuming "Your Song" and Heben Nigatu's commodity on BuzzFeed anecdotic works of art advantageous accolade to Treyvon Martin, for example. The idea, of course, is to allotment a person's anamnesis with the apple so that he or she is never forgotten. Now reflect on these two balladry and actuate how anniversary of the writers works to bottle the commodity of their amore in his poetry.Step 3: RespondPost 1: Perform a abutting account of anniversary composition and abode anniversary of the afterward in your response: How is the abstraction of time important in anniversary sonnet? Describe Spenser's reason(s) for absent the commodity of his amore to alive on through the composition and analyze it to Shakespeare's reason(s). How are they different? Criteria: 400 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations) Include at atomic two appropriately chip and cited quotations (at atomic one from anniversary work) to abutment your claims. You may use either absolute or paraphrased quotes. See the Literary Analysis Tools Modules in Weeks 1 and 2 for advice about amalgam and citation quotes. Posts 2 and 3: Respond to two classmates' posts, accouterment attitional affirmation from the sonnets to either abutment or abnegate your classmate's conclusions.Criteria: 150 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations) Include at atomic one appropriately chip and cited citation to abutment your ideas. You may use either absolute or paraphrased quotations.

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