Part of your brand is based on selection, integration, and commendation of paraphrased quotations. Read "Walker Brothers Cowboy," Vol. 2, p. 1476-1486. Review the "Critical Account Skills" area of the W1 Literary Analysis Tools module. Perform a abutting account of these two paragraphs from "Walker Brothers Cowboy" in Volume 2 of your textbook: The aboriginal abounding branch on p. 1478, which begins "In the afternoons she generally walks to Simon's Grocery..." and the aboriginal branch on p. 1479, which begins "What is there about us that bodies charge to be accustomed a blow from?" You may acquisition it accessible to comment or booty notes. Refer to the allocation explanation for this appointment application the articulation in the Gradebook. Step 2: Reflect A abutting account allows the clairvoyant to anxiously appraise the account to analyze capacity that may be absent during a accidental reading. Identifying these capacity helps the clairvoyant to anatomy abstracts about the text. Analyze the capacity you empiric in your abutting account and draw abstracts the narrator's parents and her relationships with them. Step 3: Respond Post 1: Respond to the afterward questions in your post, giving examples of accent and delivery to abutment your answers: What do these paragraphs acknowledge about the narrator's relationships with her parents? How do these two paragraphs acknowledge the narrator's animosity about those relationships? Criteria: 300 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations) Include appropriately chip and cited paraphrased quotations (at atomic one from anniversary paragraph) to abutment your claims. See the Literary Analysis Tools Bore from this week's activities for advice about amalgam and citation paraphrased quotes.

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