Literary Criticism

   The Assignment 1. Choose a abbreviate adventure (Sweat, The Notorious Jumping Frog, Desiree's Baby, etc.) or a array of balladry (Dickinson, Hughes, Brooks, etc.) from Weeks 1-4. ·   o If archetypal criticism is chosen, two abbreviate belief or two clusters of balladry charge be selected. 2.  Determine which of the listed criticisms appointment able-bodied with your selection(s). 3.  Analyze the abbreviate adventure or balladry array that you chose. Complete this appointment by application the Literary criticism appointment (see absorbed below) Type your assay in this order: 1.   A. Title of the abbreviate adventure or titles of the alone balladry aural your balladry cluster. B. Brief arbitrary of the abbreviate adventure or balladry clusters (all of the balladry listed for your appointed columnist charge be used). C. Explanation of the analytical approach that you chose. D. Examine your account alternative application your called analytical theory. o Use the answers to the analytical questions to adviser your analysis. o Each acknowledgment MUST accept at atomic one textual advertence for support. o Use the third-person point of view. The appointment charge be formatted according to the MLA Style guide: o Heading (Your name, Professor’s name, class, date: 15 August 2021) o Times New Roman o 12pt. ft. o Double Spaced o Black font o Top Right Page # (Karen 1) o Works Cited

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