leininge versus the ants

leininge versus the ants


1) Leiningen knows the army of ants is coming. Why does he not desert his plantation?

2) What precedes the ants?

3) What do the ants want?

4) Leiningen is characterized as a remarkably intelligent, strong, and confident leader.

a) Mention two of his actions that help reveal his character.

b) What is Leiningen’s motto, and how is it suitable to a man of his character?

c) How do the actions and reactions of his men help to characterize Leiningen?

5) The War Leiningen and his men wage on teh ants may be divided into three “battles.” Describe each briefly.

6) What does Leiningen observance from horseback that both fascinates and chills him? Why does this observation shake his confidence?

7) The ant army may be considered a character in the story. Describe this character and your reaction to it.

8) With what conflicts does Leiningen grapple in the story, and at what point do the conflicts reach a climax?

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