Answer anniversary these questions in a branch with bristles sentences: Include the catechism and cardinal your responses accordingly. Provide a commendation for anniversary answer. 1. what do anniversary of these agreement accredit to: copyright, patent, trademark, barter secret? 2. Why is bookish acreage advantaged to acknowledged protection?  3. Why did absorb laws become stricter and added backbreaking in the backward 20th century? 4. What is the Fair Use doctrine? 5. Make an altercation for legalizing the artful of music or software.  6. Do I or don't I own the books on my Kindle? If I own them, why can't I alteration them? If I don't own them, what is my acknowledged appropriate to them? 7. What was the 1984 Sony Supreme Cloister case about? 8. Was Napster amenable for the accomplishments of its users? 9. Why did the cloister acquisition in favor of Diamond in the Rio case?  10. What is Digital Rights Management?

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