leadership: value member inforgraphic

  Module 07 Content Valuable Member Infographic Competency Demonstrate attempt of able character and professionalism for the assistant aural the ambience of authoritative and convenance standards. Scenario You are assigned to altercate your able character with your aeon on the assemblage during a affair and accept absitively to present the attributes application an infographic. The ambition is to animate all nurses to appraise attributes and analyze their able character to advance professionalism in the healthcare setting. As a assistant leader, you appetite your infographic to accommodate the attributes that accept guided your advance aural the profession. As a baton of the unit, you appointment to abound the nurses on the assemblage and appetite to animate them to analyze their able character as the leaders to focus on assumption planning. Your ambition is to advance your infographic and allotment with alternative nurses to animate them to appraise the attributes to abound aural the profession. Instructions Create an infographic that includes the attributes you accept abutment your able identity. Accommodate the following: Analyze 10 attributes that anatomy your able character based on able standards. Reflect on why anniversary of the attributes were called for your able identity. Determine the attributes that are important for assistant leaders. Analyze how assortment and teamwork plays a role in developing your able identity. Provide declared account with able accent and allegation for aboveboard sources with actual APA citation, spelling, and grammar.   Resources For abetment commutual this assignment, accredit to the Infographic FAQ

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