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Leadership – Journal

What I have discovered in my leadership role internal my job is that, effective leadership reflects comprehension and understanding one’s self. I believe that before leaders can lead others, it is essential that they know who they are, identify how strong their skill-set are. As part of the management team, within my organization, understanding how workers think, and leaning about their behavior and skills, is important to know. This information can help enormously managers and decision makers in the company’s productive process. For example, knowing employees and how they operate within each of their assigned working areas. More work can be accomplished within a specified amount of time, additional work challenges can be determined, for instance, if the workload is too much or over bearing for an employee or groups of workers, than additional personnel can be added to the staff. For instance, understanding employee behavior is an effective strategy, particularly, when it comes to accomplishing tasks and goals internal the business entity.

But in my real world that is completely different when it comes to the leadership , the boss I work under his unit is far away from leadership concepts , changeable , has no long term plans , talkative , no action on the ground . He became a boss because he has master degree and has longest experience period.

It shouldn’t be like this there must be something you can measure the productivity of the section and how he is able to reach the organization goals.

Our duties are to report to the member of committee if the company’ sections work in compliance with its policy .

I still believe that leadership is a gift and quality that can be gained through the life, when I was young I remember my friends when we play that there was always a leader to any game though we didn’t study or have any idea about leadership.

At the level of my family my mother has no leadership qualities and my father is completely different, he is always has the influence on his children by using and choosing the right words and right action in the right time, my mother is always assertive and stubborn and there is no way to argue about that, which is give us no space. So by growing up and understanding the life my siblings and I listened to her and we do whatever we like.

But for my Father side we listened and follow his orders and advice. My mother is well educated and she used to be a teacher in a high school and my father has not good level of education but I realized leadership has nothing to do with education unless the person is willing to be a leader and read about it.

What I understand in leadership is to be good communicator and has that charm to convey the massages in order to push them to the right goals.

Back to my organization and trough my 12 years experience I come cross few managers who have the leadership components such as communications skills and choosing the right word in the right time, comparing the success of the Depts. with each other’s I find the managers are very good communicator even though there don’t have high education .their influence on the staff is noticed by high productivity.

I back home from the leadership course and I was deeply thinking all night asking myself ,how can I be a good leader and learn from that course and from the others experience though I am not that good leader from my childhood ,it is not in my blood or get it from my genetic ,

I told myself my father is a good rolling model as he raised us and attached to us most of the time but I like to be on my own and have my space , I read about leaders in the history and I found the best leaders is messengers and prophets as they are blessed from god , when I read about them I can find how they have been harmed and beaten and they still fight to convey their messages .I learned from them there is always a hope no way to give up , I have been inspired how they could influence people to follow their ways and people always are the most part to convince and persuade . Each prophet has different stories and obstacles so they are good course to be taught in nowadays leadership schools .Add to that in new history I find leaders who struggle to unit their nation, what amazes me the history of United State after years of fighting Colonization, sever starving and nature catastrophic, leaders tried hard to unite the people and even been fought back and some of them are punished and killed but at the end they won that battle over and we see now the fruit of that nowadays. It won’t be like this unless the leaders fought for it and never retreat it.

I learned so much but I need to use that in my daily basis in live .however, very rare to face the same situation and decision come to you mind right away.

In my point learning could add something to you skill but the experiment is what make it if you could be a good leader or not.

Exposure to real life makes us gain good experience in leadership and managing life ,I have been in position for a while as an acting supervisor and I learned from that by seeing thing from top and how things can be run , tried to be a good leader and at the end of that period I made a questionnaire asking my staff for my period of supervising them , most of them thanked me for helping them and share them making decision ,others addressed me my weak points which I love most so in future I can learn from that , we have saying” God blessed a man who tell me my disadvantages”.

There are a number of factors that must be in place that cohere together as a team and work seamlessly, and perhaps cite the story of The Prophet Noah and the ship industry.

Noah’s ship the idea of working as a team, the coolest lessons can learn from it.

The first lesson: Lost companionship in this compound will go with the inevitable deluge “Do not miss the boat”

The second lesson: “Remember that we are all on the same boat” Owners per goal and one idea in the same boat together Cooperation is inevitable and there is no substitute for team spirit, what harm you would harm us and what benefit you would benefit me just put this in your mind, you with us in the ship

The third lesson: “Are not affected by ridicule and criticism and stop but completed the task “If stopped Noah for building the ship because of criticism and cynicism of others,

What we have to this day talking about this miracle does not make destructive criticism protects you from doing the job you’re on

Just imagine if mocking you after a while When you achieve your goal

The fourth Lesson: Means effective choose security friend of the ship probably if you fell down he will uplift you, or if you absent, asks about you.

The fifth Lesson: Plans for the future was not there when it began to rain Noah and his followers in the ship-building but responded to the divine order and began implementation and ascertains in future rain and the ship survive, if you rest assured in the future and on the road to salvation and you cannot develop a plan

Do not despair, there are alternative you can post one of them in his plan, but before that he shared objective evolution depending on the circumstances of not evolve extinct.

The sixth Lesson: “Do not interest in storms” You are in the ship will be exposed to a lot of storms this natural thing, do not be afraid, nor grieve frustration including objected way of obstacles

The seventh Lesson “Success does not come between the day and night”

Taking Noah to build the ship a long time until it became a verse so be patient will reach your goal, even if after a while

The eighth Lesson “If you was tired feel comfortable little” If you feel stress or nervous at some time, there is no problem at all to take a rest, you are a normal human being, take a small boat and sailing near the ship, but try to be back soon, we are all with you in the boat we fear you, We need you and waiting for you

The ninth Lesson “Speed or linger?” Ship as fast include objects, containing also who are slow, speed is not always the crux there are business requiring speed and decisiveness, while there are other things in nature take a long time

I really learned something new of my reading to see the difference between cultures, I came from manly community, however, humans are humans have common goals such as living, dreams etc.

People have different style so for sure they choose different rolling models to mimic. I believe people can be derived from the way they grow up, so parents can be an effect to their kids and that will last with them till they are armature. The culture plays an important role in this, as in our manly society, men usually is the decision makers, responsible for feeding the families and be a good leader for their families. It is completely different In free modern society the kids has free space to choose their future and sometimes religion so I believe the mimic is less than ours close conservative society.

I believe dealing with humans are the most complicating issue from my experience I worked in a restaurant as a cashier and supervisor in one of the most busiest place in my area so dealing with customers and with workers is harder than running from hungry lion, at the beginning struggled a lot after that I learned and then I took the lead, understanding people won’t come in one night by patience and experience.

Culture difference should be always considered in leadership and decision making , good leaders always have a good vision and studies what kind of culture they will be lead .

sometimes you find yourself in a reality that exposes you to live in difficult conditions, some people may be cannot cope with these cases ,that makes them infected collapse or their life destroyed but, there are few people can overcome their difficult situations, I still remember that man who is famous in his field but, he is unknown in his private life ,many people in my country know his writings and his songs I read a lot of his essays and listen to some of his songs but, I did not meet him or see him, in one day a friend took me to visit him, when I saw him closely I surprised and astonished, the famous author was a lame person sitting in a wheelchair, in fact he could not move except his right hand which writes all that creation. Despite his case, he overcame of his situation and became better than of some healthy people, I discovered that he has a wonderful handwriting also he is cultured, a good speaker and has ambition, he was jovial man and was talking about his goals and plans for the future as it was about to issue a song about a disabled child, he sang lyrics of this song It was very impressive and I felt the determination and challenge in his eyes and in his tone and how he was optimistic and excited to finish this song because it means a lot to him. This meeting made me thinks deeply about this life and about normal or healthy people whom do nothing with their lives and became weak in front of the simplest condition and collapsed. Actually there was another that made me sad and influenced that he lives with his brother who has the same situation and his mother is a blind woman,

Imagine difficult situation for this family and how made all this creativity despite the harsh conditions, this man is a great inspiration to all of us about how we can overcome are obstacles in life and ask ourselves some questions.

Did you encounter obstacles in your life? How acted on them?

How does it affect such obstacles on your life?

Do you find some people sitting next to you when faced with obstacles?

Do you have the determination and the challenge to overcome whatever obstacle?

Leadership is less about your needs, and more about the needs of the people and the organization you are leading. Leadership styles are not something to be tried on like so many suits, to see which fits. Rather, they should be adapted to the particular demands of the situation, the particular requirements of the people involved and the particular challenges facing the organization.

In the book “Primal Leadership,” Daniel Goleman, who popularized the notion of “Emotional Intelligence,” describes six different styles of leadership. The most effective leaders can move among these styles, adopting the one that meets the needs of the moment. They can all become part of the leader’s repertoire.

Visionary. This style is most appropriate when an organization needs a new direction. Its goal is to move people towards a new set of shared dreams. “Visionary leaders articulate where a group is going, but not how it will get there – setting people free to innovate, experiment, take calculated risks,” write Mr. Goleman and his coauthors.

Coaching. This one-on-one style focuses on developing individuals, showing them how to improve their performance, and helping to connect their goals to the goals of the organization. Coaching works best, Mr. Goleman writes, “with employees who show initiative and want more professional development.” But it can backfire if it’s perceived as “micromanaging” an employee, and undermines his or her self-confidence.

Affiliative. This style emphasizes the importance of team work, and creates harmony in a group by connecting people to each other. Mr. Goleman argues this approach is particularly valuable “when trying to heighten team harmony, increase morale, improve communication or repair broken trust in an organization.” But he warns against using it alone, since its emphasis on group praise can allow poor performance to go uncorrected. “Employees may perceive,” he writes, “that mediocrity is tolerated.”

Democratic. This style draws on people’s knowledge and skills, and creates a group commitment to the resulting goals. It works best when the direction the organization should take is unclear, and the leader needs to tap the collective wisdom of the group. Mr. Goleman warns that this consensus-building approach can be disastrous in times of crisis, when urgent events demand quick decisions.

Pacesetting. In this style, the leader sets high standards for performance. He or she is “obsessive about doing things better and faster, and asks the same of everyone.” But Mr. Goleman warns this style should be used sparingly, because it can undercut morale and make people feel as if they are failing. “Our data shows that, more often than not, pacesetting poisons the climate,” he writes.

Commanding. This is classic model of “military” style leadership – probably the most often used, but the least often effective. Because it rarely involves praise and frequently employs criticism, it undercuts morale and job satisfaction. Mr. Goleman argues it is only effective in a crisis, when an urgent turnaround is needed. Even the modern military has come to recognize its limited usefulness.


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