Leadership Assignment

  nstructions The administration Activity should be no best than 7 pages, double-spaced, APA 7th copy format. The activity is based on the following: You are to baddest and appearance ONE of the beneath movies: 2. MacDonald, L. (Producer), Scott, R. (Director). (2000). Gladiator [Motion Picture]. United States: Dreamworks & Universal Pictures.  The cine that I chose use for this appointment is Gladiator. I accept watched this cine assorted times and anticipate that the capital appearance of the movie, Maximus, was portrayed as a accurate leader. I will altercate the techniques that he acclimated to not alone command the alternative gladiators but to allotment the aforementioned affection and eyes authoritative his administration that abundant added effective. I will blow on abounding altered climates that able his administration approach and how he was able to acclimate and change his strategies. Not all of his methods were effective. When he initially became a gladiator, he had his own mission and motives. Until he approached the bearings as he had with the aggressive he had ahead commanded, he was not able to advance effectively.   Paper Content A. After examination the cine or TV show, baddest one of the admiral (leaders). B. Altercate THREE authoritative techniques that they used, application specific examples from the cine or TV episode. Do not absorb too abundant accomplishment answer the accomplishments or capacity of the scenario, aloof get to the point. C. Make abiding to altercate the afterward topics: i. Which of the authoritative techniques were effective? Why? ii. Which authoritative techniques were not effective? Why? iii. Pick one arena and altercate what you would accept done abnormally as a administrator and why. iv. How does a high-stress ambiance like war or the emergency allowance affect authoritative techniques, as compared to peacetime (or a beneath demanding environment)? v. What authoritative affection do you best chronicle to and why? You should accommodate a claimed annual from your life. vi. Why do admiral abort if they are application a "textbook" technique? Explain application the scenes from the movie/show or your own claimed activity to enhance your explanation. If you accept already apparent the cine or TV appearance episode, you may "skim" it to brace yourself. . You should accept a appellation page, anatomy content, and references page. If you accept a appellation folio and advertence folio that leaves you with 5 pages for body.  Use at atomic 3 references for your project. They should be accessories that abutment your project. Your cardboard should accommodate no added than 20% absolute citations or quotations. That agency 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas. Please do not delay until anniversary seven to ask if you accept questions about the assignment!  

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