Leadership Analysis_ Dead Poet’s Society (answer attached)

I have a paper that has to be done ASAP.

Principles of Management, Leadership Paper

Here is a guideline

The leadership paper is a paper that will be written after completion of the chapters that deal with motivation, leadership, and authority/power. One of the following motion pictures will be viewed and the principal character and their leadership will be analyzed: ‘Gandhi’, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Patton’, ‘Norma Rae’, Colonel Nicholson in “Bridge on the River Kwai”, Jim Lovell in ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘Braveheart’, ‘Dead Poet’s Society’, ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’, Strider in ‘Lord of the Rings’, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in ‘Gettysburg’, ‘We were soldiers once, and young’, ‘Twelve o’clock High’.The movies should be available at a local video rental store or from Netflix or another internet provider.

The student will be required to do the following for the paper:

  • Select an appropriate motion picture that will provide a sense of the individual to be studied and also a sense of the context within which they exercised their leadership. The motion picture will be watched and used as a source for the paper. Look upon it as a really rich case.


  • Utilize an additional three outside sources to provide additional richness to the paper. These sources may be historical, personal, or theoretical.


  • The paper will clearly identify a theoretical base that will be used to answer the classic leadership question: “Why did people follow this person?” A single theory will not fully explain the individual’s leadership– apply multiple theories. Examples of leadership concepts might include charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, authority, and many more. The goal is to have a real confidence that the person’s leadership is fully understood and explained from a theoretical perspective.


  • Most of the potential leaders are from earlier time frames and may be from other cultures. Remember that you are to look at the leader from the eyes of their followers–in the time they followed them and in their culture. You will need to discuss the time they were in and cultural issues. We do not practice ethnocentrism or cultural racism—you have to understand the followers and work from their viewpoint…not from our current perspective. The leadership concepts will still generally apply though they must be applied thoughtfully.


  • Please pardon the fact that most are war movies….hollywood does not tend to make many movies about quiet leaders….


  • The papers will be cited (footnotes, textnotes, or endnoted) and a bibliography page will be included.


  • Minimum length is five pages (double spaced) not including the endnotes or bibliography page.


  • Do notsimply describe the movie!!!


Grading for the paper will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Production quality. Spelling, grammar, organization. 10 pts.
  2. Use of sources. Indentify the best sources and use them well. 10 pts.
  3. Quality of analysis and use of concepts. Did you do the assignment and make your case? 30 pts


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