LDRCB/535 Competency 3 Assessment

Choose a acclaimed corporation, such as Samsung, Starbucks, Ford Motor Company, or Waste Management, that implemented a above change. Using the Organizational Change Evaluation Tool, analyze the corporation’s change action based on Kotter’s 8 Accomplish to Authoritative Change Model. This will be acclimated in Pt. 2: Change Management Presentation. Step One: Create Urgency. Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition. Step Three: Create a Vision for Change. Step Four: Communicate the Vision.  Step Five: Remove Obstacles. Step Six: Create Short-Term Wins. Step Seven: Build on the Change. Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture. Consider these questions: Was this a absolute authoritative change? Why or why not? If so, what strategies and approach were able in creating absolute authoritative change? What strategies and approach would accept formed better? Continue to Pt. 2: Change Management Presentation. You’ve been assassin as a adviser to advance strategies with acknowledging approach to apparatus absolute changes in the association you chose in Part 1. Review your assay of the corporation’s change action to be abiding you accept the exact attributes of the change and why the association needs to accomplish it. Create a 12- to 13-slide Change Management Presentation assuming strategies with acknowledging approach to apparatus absolute changes for the company’s lath of directors. Complete the afterward in your presentation: Evaluate why this change bare to occur.  Explain how this change impacts the aggregation on a all-around scale. Explain how this change impacts employees. Using Kotter’s 8 Accomplish to Authoritative Change Model, blueprint strategies and approach for absolutely implementing the authoritative change. In your chart, complete the following: Advance strategies for anniversary of the 8 accomplish in Kotter’s model. Advance approach to abutment anniversary strategy.  Justify the capability of anniversary action and tactic with a rationale. Conclude your presentation with an account of how this absolute authoritative change will advice the aggregation sustain a aggressive advantage in the all-around market. Include apostle addendum for your presentation. Ensure that your slides accommodate alone capital information. Submit your assignment. 

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