LDR 531 Week 6 Learning Team Implementing Leadership Change

Resource: Gene One Scenario link


Review the Gene One Scenario link, located on your student website.


Write a proposal of no more than 2,100 words for facilitating change within Gene One.


Determine two possible strategies that the remaining leadership of Gene One could use to lead the company to two distinct but desirable outcomes while remaining an innovative organization.


Integrate the following into the strategies proposed:



Describe how these strategies could be implemented and how these strategies would lead to the desired outcome.

·         Explain how each strategy supports Gene One’s desire to be innovative.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Cite at least one source from the assigned reading


Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of no more than 20 slides proposing the strategies chosen to the remaining management of Gene One.


·         Summarize the two strategies proposed to Gene One.

·         Include the following in your presentation:



Explain how the organization’s size affects leadership and management control.

o    Identify the proposed changes’ potential effects on the organization’s culture.

Explain any adjustments to political power that the proposed strategies require and how power and politics will facilitate the implementation of each change.

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