KSU White Bear Black Mirror Series Episode Discussion

Watch :

Watch “White Bear.” This is Season 2, Episode 2 of Black Mirror.

Wait! Special instructions for this episode though.

At about 21:00 minutes into the episode a character uses a drill, when this scene finishes, at about 23:00 minutes, hit pause and do the following: open a google document, no need to share it yet, although you will want to use it later. In this Google doc write the answers to two questions: 1. What do you think the director is trying to tell us through this episode, what is this episode about? 2. Make a guess, how do you think the rest of this episode will play out, like what is going to happen over the last 20 minutes.

to do:While we certainly don’t live in that White Bear world, maybe we don’t live too far from it.Scan these four articles:How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life. Jon Ronson: How the Online Hate Mob Set its Sites on Me.In Defense of Cancel Culture.10 Thesis About Cancel Culture.Come up with two examples of “mob justice” online that you are aware of, they can be famous ones or less well known ones. Make one in which you think the attention was justified, and the other in which you think the mob was not justified. Give us a brief characterization of both (provide links if need be to the news articles), and then explain what makes you see a difference

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