kinesiology body movements

assignment 2: We began attractive at the movement that is demography abode at anniversary collective in Unit 1 and with our able-bodied anatomy, we can appraise what anatomy are creating those motions. Using the sport’s accomplishment from Unit 1, actualize an Excel spreadsheet to breakdown the movement at anniversary collective during anniversary appearance of the movement. The aboriginal cavalcade should account all the joints of the anatomy (Cervical, Lumbar, Shoulder Girdle, Shoulder Joint, Elbow, Radioulnar, Wrist, Fingers, Hip, Knee, Ankle/Subtalar, Toes) while the aboriginal row should accept the phases of movement (Stance phase, Preparatory phase, Movement phase, and Follow-through phase). In anniversary box, account the movement occurring, anatomy involved, and whether the contractions are isometric, concentric, or eccentric. For reference, amuse see folio 397 in the textbook. please accept  basketball as a action skill open the sport’s accomplishment certificate to see the template. thanks 

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