Summative Assignment


You are clerking for a judge and are asked to prepare a 4- to 6-page brief on an upcoming case. The judge has asked that you review the facts and note any issues that may come up during trial, including case law that addresses the issues you find.


Dominic, Marco and Chris all live in the same dorm. One night Dominic and Marco ask Chris to drive them to the store to buy some beer. Chris knows that both Marco and Dominic are underage, but they do not want him to buy the beer, just to drive them so he agrees. Chris is not aware that Marco and Dominic actually plan to rob the store once there. Once they arrive at the store, Chris parks in the lot while Dominic and Marco enter, and proceed to beat and rob the owner. Neither is carrying any weapons. Marco and Dominic get back into the car, without Chris knowing what just occurred. On the way back to campus, Chris is pulled over for a burnt out tail light. Nerves get the better of Marco and he tries to make an escape, running to a darkened house and breaking in the door to run away. While one officer gives chase the other searches the car and finds the stolen money in Dominic’s backpack, and a small bag of marijuana in the glove box. Marco is caught and all three are arrested for robbery, battery, possession of drugs, and burglary.

  • Prepare a detailed report of court opinions for four cases.
  • Analyze and summarize the Mississippi’s statute for forgery.
  • Analyze and give a detailed description of the felony law rule
  • Analyze and explain what crimes could each be charged with.
  • Does Chris’ knowingly taking underage individuals to purchase alcohol, make him a party to the later crimes? Why?
  • Would this be a conspiracy? Are there any issues with the evidence collected from the car?


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