here’s the post:


I found this interesting quote: 
Everyone wins through personal growth, consequently the society grows too. “…the ethical egoist believes that striving after personal interest is an ethical duty. According to ethical egoism, if everyone is buzzing about acting after his own personal interests, then like the beehive, there will be order and happiness for all” (Boylan, 2009. P. 41).  
What do you think this quote means? It is sounds like if you focus on the individual then the community will benefit or take of themselves. One example, where this thinking was applied and did not work for the community was Enron scandal and the Bernie Maddoff ponzi schemes. From my perspective, these scandals are examples of egotism at its worst. As you reflect on current community based movements like the “occupy” movements, what the ethical issues related to this movement. How does it relate to our discussion about individuals versus community?

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