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Reading Response Journal: Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue

In Mother Tongue, Amy Tan shares her claimed acquaintance as an Asian American aloft with an immigrant mother that can hardly allege and accept the English language. Tan explains how she had to apprentice two altered forms of the English language: one with simple words that her mother could understand, and the alternative actuality added circuitous English that she uses with her peers. Throughout the abbreviate story, Amy Tan explains the altered challenges that she accomplished due to her mother’s bound English. For example, Tan explains how she would alarm businesses and pretend to be her mother, while her mother is in the accomplishments answer what she wants to say.

As a aboriginal bearing Asian American, I can chronicle to abounding of the adventures that Amy Tan describes in Mother Tongue. I was additionally aloft in an Asian American domiciliary with two parents that batten bound English. My mother and ancestor alone knew how to acquaint application frequently announced words in the English language, and they frequently batten with abnormal grammar, book structure, and subject-verb agreements. Similar to Amy Tan, I additionally had to allege two altered forms of the English language: the circuitous anatomy that I abstruse through my apprenticeship and amusing experiences, as able-bodied as the bound English that my parents could understand. I can additionally chronicle to how Amy Tan describes her acquaintance in the United States as active in two circumstantial worlds. I acquainted that my amusing acquaintance at academy and in accessible were decidedly altered compared to my adventures at home. The key aberration was the characteristic forms of accent that I acclimated in these two allegory amusing settings.

In Mother Tongue, Amy Tan describes herself as a woman that has developed a affection for languages due to her altered amusing experiences. Tan explains that she does not apperceive herself as a academic of the English language. I begin this description to be actual alluring back Tan has produced one of the best accepted books in American Literature: The Joy Luck Club. Instead, Tan describes herself as a biographer that has consistently been absorbed by the access that accent has over our lives. Tan explains that accent can appulse animal emotions, construe a beheld image, busy a circuitous idea, and acquaint accepted truths (170). In compassionate the appulse that accent can accept on our lives, Amy Tan describes accent as a apparatus that writers use to accomplish specific purposes.

Tan again goes on to explain that affection for accent stems from the assorted types of languages that she grew up with. Tan reveals that she speaks a simple anatomy of the English accent because her mother had a bound compassionate of English. According to Amy Tan, “all the forms of accepted English that I had abstruse in academy and through books, the forms of English I did not use at home with my mother” (172). This account exemplifies how Amy Tan has accustomed able apprenticeship about how to assemble English accent application articulate applications such as codicillary phrases, nominalized forms, and accomplished absolute tenses. However, Tan additionally abstruse how to acquaint finer with her mother by acquainted the limitations that the mother had about the English language. This acquired Tan to feel that she was speaking two altered languages: a simple anatomy with her mother and a added avant-garde anatomy with her peers.

One of the key capacity congenital in Mother Tongue is how accent is acclimated as a apparatus of advice to accept one another. Amy Tan demonstrates this affair by answer how her mother’s bound English can be difficult for some bodies to understand, but Amy understands her mother absolutely because her mother’s burst English is a accent that she knows how to speak. According to Amy Tan, “Some say they accept none of [my mother’s English], as if she were speaking authentic Chinese. But to me, my mother’s English is altogether clear, altogether natural. It’s my mother tongue” (174). When anecdotic how Amy interprets her mother’s burst English, Amy describes it as vivid, direct, and abounding with imagery. According to Amy, her mother’s bound English impacted her acumen of the world. This exemplifies the able role that accent plays in abstraction our development and acumen of reality.

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Tan, Amy. "Mother Tongue." Language Awareness: Readings for College Writers (11th 

ed.) Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016. pp. 170-176.

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