Journal for Internship Course 6

 Question In a 4 – 6 folio cardboard based on your internship advance acquaintance and the acquirements objectives accomplished during the course, analysis your internship acquaintance successes and challenges arch to growth. You should authenticate in your cardboard a description of your able portfolio and accommodate any affirmation of ability and accomplishment development or acceptance that you accept acquired this affair and how it will accord to your portfolio. Note: 1. At atomic 4-6 pages  2. Account needs to be formatted in APA 7th edition 3. Need to accept at atomic 2 peer-reviewed accessories as the references (Recommend to acquisition the accessories from proquest. 4. Need to accommodate addition and conclusion. 5. Amuse apprehend the chat book absorbed "Week 1 to anniversary 14 altercation for Internship Course" above-mentioned autograph the account to accept what am I accomplishing for my job and my experiences. 6. I accept additionally absorbed Account for Internship Advance which you wrote it for me before, and amuse additionally use that as the reference, and do not echo the contents.

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